Jetsons' Journal: Hoomans // The New Way to Adopt

Jetsons' Journal is a periodic installment of potential future narratives based off of current events.

In 2030 after the social media boom, people have difficulty forming romantic relationships without the aid of an online date-match system. Since computer algorithms still can not simulate comprehensive emotional complexity there is skyrocketing number of failed marriages. Very few people are in long lasting relationships and many feel a lack of emotional satisfaction. Online dating systems creates higher perfect-match expectations and decreases the patience required to work through unexpected problems. The concept of a relationship lasting over 10 years is extremely rare, and is more of an idea of the past. This has affected United States birth rates, leaving the country in panic about the aging population. This has also resulted in an increasing number of orphans and single parents. The words "marriage-license" has lost a lot of its weight and religious undertones. Pop culture has labeled those that choose to keep long term marriages ” U-A’s” or in other words Union Addicts. This has created a lot of different types of groups and societies that practice this idea of Union Addiction. It’s now more common for pre-teens to be interested in trying little and frequent relationships with pre-teens from other schools through different match-making outlets.

Hooman a social sciences multi-billion dollar research company is one of the few successful companies that conduct and release research on improving human relationships. Their most recent project, Hooman-Love collects and analyzes journals written by couples that follow their very detailed ” How to Love Like a Hooman” method book. The book asks you to record how each individual feels throughout each stage of the relationship on a daily basis, distinguishing what aspects of the relationships can be left to algorithms and what is less predictable. The on-going research has gotten an extreme amount of press due to its potential in re-kindling long-lasting relationships and improving people to people algorithms. It asks for complete strangers to to follow a relationship rule book regardless of their current compatibility. Hooman has taken pain-staking efforts to see how much of a relationship is reliant on interpersonal chemistry and how much is reliant on just textbook psychology. This research is in preparation for the launch of an organization named ” Toomans”. Toomans is a business that teaches and matches people together to be in a relationship to raise a child to the age of 18, a time where those two individuals can choose to continue their family or part ways from there. This business provides people with the experience of having a family without having the pressure of keeping an “old-timey” family relationship. It allows for polyamorous freedom while still having the ability to continue long-lasting relationships if they choose to. Although there is some controversy about this method, Hooman has taken extra measures to study social science in order to create the perfect system to engage men and women of 2030 in maintaining a family while still learning and keeping the obligations and expectations of a relationship.

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