No Face

The World

Why do we need relationships?

Imagine a world where companionship is non existent. We no longer remember people and everyone is just a stranger. How do we still have connections with people and how do we continue to learn? This project, No Face, explores those questions and starts to look into what it means to feel connected.


The most challenging part of this project was building a world for humanity to live in. Our group went through a list of different elements of humanity that we were interested in delving into, eventually landing on the human need and concept of relationships and storytelling. Then we began to sift through how people behave on a normal basis and what aspects of that relate to the world we were trying to build. This eventually lead to a method that helped us develop, brainstorm, and edit simultaneously throughout the process.

Above is a look into my sketchbook of notes, ideas, and theories I looked into through the process of developing No Face.

So-Hee Woo