Jetsons' Journal: DNA Database

With more and more mixed race and same gender couples finding their way into the the public the underground Eugenics Cult, XXY is vastly growing, finding the best set of genetics while maintaing "pure bred" status. Although technology is booming and the ability to preserve genetic material is more easily accessible to the general public, XXY places upmost importance in hiding from the public eye. As a way to keep their members loyal and organized within the system, each member is asked to bundle string and soak it with their own blood in order to keep a log of their members' and their DNA for future cloning potential. The ritualistic behavior not only binds the groups goals in preserving a purebred illness free society but also helps create a manual log of their members. This behavior signified, not only, loyalty to the cult, but contribution to a "better" society pushing the boundaries of the term "blood brothers".

So-Hee Woo