Soli is a pair of objects that are inspired by the concept of "retail therapy" and the type of emotional insecurities and anxieties that lead to material coping mechanisms. These pieces are designed specifically to address emotional insecurities and focus on the "retail" part of retail therapy into products that address one's daily mental micro aggressions.


Published on Core77 Project Page

Product 1

This interactive hood acts as a way for people to interpret their daily insecurities through sound. With the use of a vibration speaker placed above the jawline this hood shields from the public eye creating a meditative experience while providing both an auditory and tactile reflection of emotional anxiety. To reflect different types of bio rhythms this hood utilizes make meditative sounds, like the Tibetan singing bowl, to act as an auditory notifier. The vibration speaker allows for the user to be fully aware of their environment while still feel and listen to the sounds emitting from the hood. This product allows for people to have a sense of personal space and anonymity.


Product 2

This item takes data gathered through heart rate and blood pressure, that indicates when you have felt emotional anxiety throughout the day, and plays it back in a variety of positive and negative smells within a period of four hours. It was meant for at home use after a full day of work or school. Like aromatherapy, this item relies on stimulating your olfactory receptors that lead to different changes in mood and emotions. It acts as way to help you reflect on what emotionally strains you everyday and encourage you to be more conscientious of your mental lifestyle.

Process Photos