Flex is an ankle brace for dancers that is designed with style and comfort in mind. It provides support, warmth, and grip to ensure safety for the users in studio and at home. It also has weights that can be buttoned in, in order for dancers to practice strength training at home( to help strengthen those ankles!) so they can be better prepared in studio.

Flex would also have 3D position tracking technology embedded into the brace in order for users to track their form, strength, and learning process through the flex(a) application.

Trying to pinpoint the issues that involve dancer safety and honing in on what causes those safety issues. 

Conducting research with current dancers and dance teachers to better understand habits and relationship with their products.

Summarizing what points within the design would address ankle injury.


Sketching out different forms that address comfort, support, and 

Prototyping different forms with different materials. 

flexa or flex(activity)

tracks strength training progress, balance, jump heights, and flexability to ensure that dancers can keep the best form. The app acts as a guide. There are tips, feedback, and articles readily available to keep dance fun and injury free.

Perfect Pair

Through this process of product development I felt that an app would be a good way to aid the overarching expereience of dance education and safety. The following is the initial exploration through story boarding, and concept development of a potential application.