In order to better understand the people of Braddock and the needs of the town we made site visits in order to familiarize ourselves with the area, the people, the businesses, and the community environment. We conducted interviews with local startups, students, community center employees, librarians, and museum curators to try and understand the available resources and what the citizens were looking for.

Designing the Plan

As we became more familiar with the needs of Braddock we began to formulate the different categories that needed to be improved in order for more opportunities to arise for residents. We began to plan out the changes that would occur every decade both in Braddock and globally, based on future signals, in order for the intended goal to be reached by 2050.


In order to plan around the needs of different personality types, we created seven personas to better indicate how the intended changes would benefit different members of the community.


When we had a developing plan we brought potential solutions in the form of a card game to members of the community for feedback. We first set the stage by introducing what 2050 could be like and then allowed them to discuss, react, and choose the aspects of their community they were looking to improve or what they found most valuable. 

Final Design

Through the the many iterations and feedback we received we were able to finalize our plan for Braddock. We wanted to address three larger categories (innovations, arts and learning, community) and then address specific components within those categories to indicate the new opportunities provided.